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GLOBAL CALL for 7th of April 2021 "Saving Lives and Protecting Jobs"

The severe health and economic crisis caused by the current coronavirus pandemic is destroying millions of jobs and making the remaining ones precarious, which is increasing poverty, misery and economic and social inequality around the world, widening the gap between North and South.
In the face of this global emergency, it is urgent and mandatory to "Save Lives and Protect Jobs". We must proclaim that vaccines are a common good of humanity from which no private profit can be made, largely because a huge amount of public money has been invested in their development, and that it is a political and moral obligation to vaccinate the entire population without discrimination of income or nationality.
In this context, trade union, social movements, civil society organisations and personalities who have signed this document call on workers all over the world to mobilise on the International Heath Day and demand that governments and agencies:

  • To act on the criteria of "Vaccine for all" by guaranteeing universal and immediate access to vaccines for all people in the world.
  • Implement an international system based on global justice that is different from the merchant model that currently governs the trade and distribution of goods and vaccines.
  • No to vaccine nationalism! For the right to health as a human right.
  • Suspend patents on COVID-19 vaccines, either through the mechanisms provided for in national legislation or even within the World Trade Organisation (WTO).
  • Develop plans, programmes and financial resources for the transfer of technologies and inputs needed for vaccine production in all regions and nations. And, in this way, create the conditions for more countries to start their own national production of COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Universalise access to medicines, supplies, software and equipment necessary for the treatment of patients affected by COVID-19.
  • Subsidise all kinds of workers, peasants, family businesses, families living in the informal economy, who have lost their income, by providing them with a minimum income for their survival.
  • Implement an extraordinary investment plan to recover the millions of jobs lost or at risk.

Workers around the world demand "Vaccines for all", decent work and social protection: now is the time to act!